How it works

Intro: Hello, and thanks for considering On The Loose Pet Photography! Every animal has a distinct and endearing personality, and my goal is to photograph your pet in a unique way by capturing it in action as it runs, plays or does whatever it does to entertain you. Treasure your pets forever with my distinctive, candid portraits.

What to expect: Fun! One of my objectives is to have fun while we play with your pets. Letting a pet run and frolic will bring out the personality we want to capture. With less-active animals, we will work specifically with the animal and its surroundings to highlight special characteristics.

First step: We will chat by email or phone so I can learn as much as I can about your pets beforehand and what you would like to achieve during our photo shoot.

Pick a date: Secure a date on my calendar with a $50 deposit. Once you are inked in, we'll discuss location options as well as the end products you'll have to choose from.

Locations: I can come to your house or we can meet at a park or another outside location. If the weather is really lousy on the day we choose, we can reschedule if you prefer - no problem. Indoor photos are also an option.

The session: I usually spend 1-2 hours photographing your pets, depending on the animals and how challenging or fun they are. We may not want to stop shooting! I encourage suggestions from you about your pets' special talents and to be involved in the process. Does your dog jump? Does your horse frolic? Does your cat do tricks? Do your pets play together? Do they have really cute noses? Chase balls?  Whatever it is, let's capture it in photos that will make you smile.

The next step: You will have access to a private online gallery of your photos to peruse, giggle at and choose from. I will be happy to help you along in this process since it can be hard to select from the many photos I offer you. Once you are ready to order, you can contact me and we will discuss options. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of your prints.